Never Get Enough with Magical Thinking Bedding for Redecorating Your Bedroom

If you want to remodel your bedroom, one of the easiest ways is changing your bedding. You can change it into the attractive one to create brighter or more different look of your bedroom. The bedding that really gets famous these days is Magical Thinking. This kind of bedding applies attractive pattern with colourful schemes.  The patterns that most commonly used are triangle, circle, stripes, zigzag, etc. if you apply this kind of bedding, your bedroom can definitely become more attractive and more appealing  because the combination between these patterns and colors like red, green, yellow, orange will build new atmosphere around your room. From switching to the new bedding, it can make you feel like you have redecorated your entire bedroom with one item. You will never get enough with boho touch on Magical Thinking, if you take a look at these pictures below.

You can add boho touch to your bed by applying this duvet cover by Magical Thinking. It has super soft cotton and finished with tie closures . it also has size in twin XL, full and king. Make sure to wash with washing machine.

This stunning duvet cover made by Magical Thinking with soft cotton . it finished with medallion motif that instantly adds boho-inspired. It has size in twin XL and full.

This lovely duvet cover has zigzag pattern on it. It made of soft cotton by Magical Thinking. There are also mattress, guitar, painting that make the room more enjoyable and welcoming.

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Giving The Feeling of Space Inside Your Bedroom with Costco Bunk Beds

Perhaps space is needed inside the bedroom, especially for small bedroom, there are many ways to keep your bedroom larger. one of fixtures that can save the space of your bedroom is bunk bed, this kind of bed is suitable for your children or you who want to save the space. There are two types of this bed, two beds and one bed with desk on the bottom section. You can choose whatever you want. If you want to take a look at bunk bed, you can go to this website this website has many types of bunk beds. To know more about each product, you can just click at the product then scroll down, there are product details, specification, shipping & terms, returns/warranty, and reviews. It will help you to decide what kind of bunk bed that suits your children’s room or your own room. These pictures below will give some explanation about the bunk beds of Costco.

This kind of bunk bed looks decorative by its design. The material comes from nicest wood, it also suits with the wooden floor. There is bed on the top, ladder, desk for study on the bottom section, mattress, and the incredible drawers.

It is smart and space efficient addition for the bedroom. Hardwood birch construction that gives strength and durability, mortise and tenon joinery is built to serve inside this bedroom. There are twin full bunk bed, dust covers, white drawers, ladder, side lamp with side drawer and mattress.

The bunk bed itself made of eco-friendly solid Havea for strength and durability. It is ideal for children’s bedroom with its comfort and safety. There are also mattress, ladder to go on the top, framed mirrors, drawers and comfy wooden floor.

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Amazing Bed with Tv in Footboard To Give You More Relaxing Time

Bedroom is a place where you can enjoy your time with your lovely one after the tired day. It should be set as comfortable as possible to create nice atmosphere. There are some ways to make you feel more comfortable inside your bedroom, one of the ways is having a TV. Having a TV in your bedroom can significantly reduce the quantity and quality of your sleep. Beside spending the night by  watching TV before you go to sleep, you can also eat your breakfast on the bed while watching TV. The solution for this is using bed with TV in footboard. It can allow you to lower your TV into the unit. Having a TV in the footboard can definitely save the space of your bedroom, so your bedroom won’t look too crowded or too messy. This is also more practical and easier to control. These pictures below represent some beds with TV in footboard.

This bedroom has nice design of bed and smart design of TV frame in footboard. There are also drawers to put many stuff, white mattress, side drawers and wooden floor which is matching with the contemporary concept.

There are some fixtures inside this bedroom such as side table with nice lamp, comfy bed with bottom rack to store your stuff, and flat TV in footboard.

This bedroom has traditional concept by the choosing of the fixtures. You can also feel classic atmosphere inside this bedroom. There are some fixtures like framed mirror with nice ornaments, fireplace on the corner, mattress, drawers, and flat TV in footboard.

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Get Your Adorable Shower Curtain with Amazing Design from Bed Bath and Beyond

Curtain has really important function if you put it on your bathroom or bedroom. Because it can cover up your room or your body while you are taking a bath. It will give private stuff for yourself, beside that curtain can also make your bathroom or bedroom look more interesting by its look and design. By putting curtain inside, you can create dreamy atmosphere. If you want to get the curtains that will fit your bedroom or bathroom, you can visit this site actually this online shop has many types, colors and materials of curtains. There are also many brands, so you can choose curtain from what brand you like. If you need to know specifically about the product, you can just click the product and you will see the specification, price and even review. These are some products from

This is Juliet bow with grey color, it has size 72-inch x 84-inch. It will give you romance touch if you install it in your bathroom, because it made of handcrafted flower which decorate the silk charmeuse surface.

This is croscill Portland shower curtain in bronze, there is also another color. The texture is elegant with striped jacquard and shades of bronze and cream. It uses chenille and spun polyester yarns for the materials. What you should know is it has to wash in cold water.

This is Croscill Mosaic leaves, it gives colourful and vintage touch inside your bathroom. The material is 100% polyester. The size is 70’’ x 72’’.

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Finding Comfort Inside The Bedroom with Alaskan King Bed and Nice Mattress

Comfort is the most needed feeling that we want to feel inside our bedroom. Most of people create comfort zone inside their bedroom by applying some stuff or fixtures like nice bedding, the air circulation, wall painting, lighting, or anything else. We will center on the bedding, when you want to create nice bedding, you should choose the right bed to fit your sense or your bedroom. Actually, bedroom space can also be your consideration to choose what kind of bed that will match to your bedroom. If you have much space inside your bedroom, you can put Alaskan king bed, actually this kind of bed is really suitable for family. It can load until three person. You can also match it with the mattress you like. If you are considering to choose the right Alaskan bed, we can help you with these pictures.

This bedroom has minimalist style, it can be seen in the way the owner puts all of fixtures with smooth lines inside the bedroom. There is nice Alaskan king bed that is matching well with the stripes mattress. There are also side lamp, side drawers, wide window and brown curtain.

This Alaskan king bed made of rubberwood and it has a smooth contemporary style. The bed looks so comfy with nice bed cover. There are also fur mattress, drawers, side lamp, and some paintings.

This design of bedroom is often found in the hotel. Because there are two kinds of beds, king bed and small bed. This bedroom gets the touch of nature by wall’s material, it made of wood. There are also side lamp, bench, drawer, curtain, and nice view out there.

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Choosing The Right Frame for Full Size Daybed with One or Double Beds

It is important to feel comfortable inside your bedroom, you can put some of fixtures that will give you a comfort and safety. You can try to put daybed inside your bedroom, this kind of bedroom is simple to be placed. The clean lines makes a perfect fit in any sleep space. There are many kinds of daybeds out there, but before you buy it, don’t forget to pay attention at the daybed frame. Because it is also the crucial thing to choose. Most of daybed frame has solid wood material, it has a cushioned back and sides. You can choose whether it is daybed with double beds or full bed that will fit to your bedroom space. Don’t forget to measure it properly before you place it. There are some great pictures below about daybed designs and frames.

The daybed inside this bedroom looks so comfy because the material of the frame and bed. This daybed also has drawers and another bed on the bottom. There are also hanging lamps, desk, floating shelves and stripes mattress.

This nice daybed doesn’t have drawers on the bottom, but you can fill the hole with the storages to store your stuff. There are three storages in each hole, hanging lamp, pillows, other stuff.

This bedroom has daybed with white frame, it is matching with the pattern of bed cover. There are also 3 drawers to store many things, another drawer on the corner, hanging lamps, side lamp, white curtains, and side drawer.

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Beautiful Images of Well-decorated and Well-painted Bathroom with Color Scheme

Bathroom has private function to us, that’s why it should be well-organized. Bathroom that is well-organized and well-painted always make the owner comfortable when they are taking a bath. There are many ways to make you feel comfortable inside the bathroom like picking the right furniture, providing lighting, or just painting the color you like. Most of people prefer to paint their bathroom with the natural colors such as cream, white, grey, etc. but, if you want to try other colors, you can paint it with red, black, green, blue to make it more attractive. You can also use color scheme for your bathroom combined with the fixtures to create new atmosphere inside the bathroom. Check out our gallery below to know more about the color scheme inside the bathroom.

This bathroom has many colors like green, yellow, white, etc. but, it gives more cheerfulness inside. There are towel bar, shower stall with nice curtain, floating vanity, frameless mirror, undermount sink, bathtub with hand held shower, and some cabinets to store the stuff.

It has calming atmosphere by the wall painting. The owner chooses to put natural and soft color inside the bathroom. As you can see, there are round mirror, hanging lamp, lovely curtain, towel ring, open vanity and some paintings.

The combination between green wall painting and the color of wooden floor creates lovely atmosphere inside the bathroom. There are also shower stall, overmount sink, frameless mirror, rain shower and wooden counter part.

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Feeling Comfortable with The Touch of Luxury From Nice Benches for Your Bedroom

Bedroom is always designed with some fixtures to make it looks more interesting and yet comfortable. One of the fixtures that always in the bedroom is bench. Bench gives comfort and luxury inside the bedroom. Bench usually put in the bedroom that has big space. In case of big space, the bedroom will not be filled by little furniture inside. Bench also gives us relaxing time by spending the day for reading or watching TV. There are some of bench designs that usually used in the bedroom such as modern, vintage, classy, minimalist, etc. you can choose whatever design you want on brands like target, ikea, overstock, etc. You can see these bench designs from some brands to give you more explanation.

This bedroom is ideal for those who like decorating the bedroom with unique stuff. You can also apply from the pack by sporting a color or pattern you like. There are grey curtain, wooden chair, green mint bench, nice mattress, unique hanging lamp, floating side drawers in this bedroom.

This bedroom looks modern and lovely from the choosing of color and concept. The bench in this bedroom has lime color with good material. There are also hanging lamps, frameless mirror, king bed with pillows, and decorative mattress.

This bedroom has transitional concept from classic to modern, it can be seen by the fixtures and the pattern. There are some fixtures like king bed, brown bench, side lamps, side drawers, brown curtain with large window and nice mattress.

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Let Hanging Chair Give You Relaxing Time Inside Your Bedroom

Most of people prefer enjoying their weekend time in their bedroom by reading books or just laying down on the bed. Bedroom can be attractive to take a rest, if you put something that can give you refreshing atmosphere. You can put some plants inside your bedroom, if you want to. But, if you prefer to put some fixtures that have relaxing function, you can place swinging chair or hanging chair. This kind of chair gives you relaxing feeling. By placing it, you can place it on the corner, if you don’t have too much space inside your room. You can choose some of materials or concept to fit with your bedroom, there are many kinds of hanging chairs that available for your option, from simple into vintage one. These pictures below will give you more explanation for hanging chair.

This kind of hanging chair has more space than others, because you can not only sit on it, but also lay down. There are also comfy bed with blue bed covers and some pillows, wooden floor, red mattress, red shelves, and wooden desk.

This is probably ideal for those who prefer minimalist concept for their bedroom. You can match it with simple and clear hanging chair to fit bedroom concept. There are also clear vanity, black chair, king bed, and brown mattress.

This is suitable for children concept, because the hanging chair is not really big but yet comfortable. Bedroom is also decorated with playful wall sticker and wall painting. There are also nice bed, wooden desk, large windows, chair and lovely mattress.

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Stunning Bedroom Vanities from Ikea Create Nice Storage Solutions for Your Bedroom

Bedroom is a space where we can keep our private things safe. we can decorate our bedroom with our own decoration or you can create it to follow what your characteristic. Actually, everything in our bedroom can describe our personality too. Especially, how we decorate it and organize the fixture inside. There are some fixtures inside bedroom that should be paid attention at, like vanity area or we can call it bedroom drawer which takes important role to keep your stuff neat. There are some brands that have loads of bedroom drawers, but if you want to take a look at them you can go to IKEA website ( this website has a lot of bedroom drawer type from the minimalist into the classic one. You can also see product information in each product. We give you some of bedroom drawer pictures from IKEA below.

This red bedroom drawer or vanity gives a lot of cheerfulness inside your bedroom. It has to be secured to the wall with the safety device. Top panel made of particleboard, foil and ABS plastic, while drawer bottom made of fibreboard.

This bedroom is so suitable for teen girl, because there are a lot of colors that can fit with the teenager life. This bedroom is dominated with white color. the bedroom drawer has 8-drawer chest, it can be useful to keep many things. There are also standing lamp, long mirror, white curtain, and comfy bed with lovely bed cover.

This bedroom drawer is from Fjell. It made of solid wood, which is durable and will give natural atmosphere inside your bedroom. Most of the parts of this bedroom drawer made of solid pine, but drawer bottom made of fiberboard.

There are still many good vanities/bedroom drawers from IKEA in our gallery below.

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