Best Modern Bathroom Design Ideas 2011 for Wide Spaces with Amazing Pattern

I have a wide bathroom at home but I got confused when my father wish me to redecorate our wide bathroom. My father just talked to me that he want the luxury and modern bathroom design. He told me to think about its bathroom design layout decoration.

I started with my wide bathroom plans with seamless plant pattern that I have ever watched on the 5 star hotel in Alabama. With the luxury pattern wall decoration, the designer puts some symmetrical pattern on the wall. This amazing bathroom design inspiration comes with the luxury interior like amazing crystal chandelier pendant lamp, luxury brass candle holder, brass table with round glass surface, and elegant bath up.

On another picture of wide bathroom design, you can see how the red flower with beautiful glass vase beautifies this bathroom.

The other designs for wide bathrooms, the best things that I love is the textured of the newest tiled wall bathroom decoration. It looks like the illustration plant pattern which embellish the interior design. The textured door decoration is really cool in white color. There is also brown beautiful engraved table with one feet height to place the fresh flower and our things.

Glorious! This is the way I can say about the red modern wide bathroom design. I love red and I love this red white textured bathroom model. With the red beautiful pattern decoration for the wall design, this wide room looks focusing many decorations to the red vanities. The vanities completes with the long white lamp, white modern sink, red hanging vanities and a bathroom necessities place. Beside the beautiful vanities, a glass wall divider with the pretty white flower pattern stalk makes a harmonious nuance.

There are some picture collection of amazing pattern on best modern bathroom design ideas 2011 on the gallery below. Check the gallery and look the amazing bathroom design!

Amazing Up-to-date Bathroom Remodeling Design Idea

One day at my house, my bathroom was unusable because of clogged water pipe. Then I had the idea to decorate my bathroom with the up-to-date bathroom design. I started to surf the internet for bathroom remodeling ideas. Fortunately, I found some home design sites that provide a variety of amazing bathroom remodeling design idea pictures.

A bathroom remodeling picture which is so inspiring me is the natural bathroom which has a small pool beside the bath up which is implanted on the wooden floor. This beautiful tropical bathroom design has two side walls which covered with large transparent glass window. This good window idea allows us to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside. This design seems like a spa hotel design picture. Lying on the white bath up while enjoying classic music feels like having a spa treatment. It is very soothing and pleasant.

My second favorite bathroom remodeling design is the one which has a unique white box-shaped-bath up which blends with bookshelves. This large space bathroom highlights the bath up which can accommodate two people. On the bath up, the two brown curved backrest are very suitable to relax in leaning position. This bathroom model is perfect for those who love reading books. It is because while bathing, you can also soak and read books that can be easily taken from the wooden shelf.

There are some pictures of amazing up-to-date bathroom remodeling design idea on the gallery below. Check this out, pals!

Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design Inspiration

For those of you who just built a house for your residential, not hurt you to build your home with minimalist concept, following suggestions that you can use to build a building that we will discuss today is the bathroom, the bathroom is very important in a building in the house. We understand the challenges that you face when turning your house into a home. Bathroom Design is one of the leading bathrooms, tiles and sanitary ware providers in the Maltese Islands. We strive to offer you the best service, a wealth of experience and superior products. Quality products are essential for your home. Aside from a vast selection of bathrooms and floor tiles, we also have a wide range of sinks, steam showers, saunas, spas, pool tiles, fireplaces and friendly products. Design to be an enjoyable one and will be there to facilitate your choices every step of the way.

The above picture is a modern bathroom design. This bathroom design uses stripes. This bathroom fixtures such as bathtubs have, sink, toilet. The design of the floor uses abrasive materials. The floor is made of stripes. This design does not make the floor slippery. Selection of colors uses a combination of bright and dark colors. Colors of the floor use black and brown. Wall uses white and orange. The bathroom is equipped with a few frills like vase. Vase can be placed in the corner. Additionally, the bathroom is equipped with shelves and chairs.

This is about modern bathroom design. The bathroom becomes an essential element in the home. Therefore the design of the bathroom must be considered. So the design of the bathroom can be an inspiration in your life. There are some pictures below you can see.

Choose Comfortable Purple Bath Rugs Against Your Feet

Bath rug is something important that we should have inside the bathroom because it has many functions like cleaning our feet out of dirties. It can also dry up our feet, if we finish taking a bath. It makes our feet feel comfortable and not slip over the floor. For you who need to change your bath rugs, here we have some of recommended bath rugs with purple colour.

awesome purple bath rugs

This one has lovely pattern on it with the combination of purple shades colour. It is also thicker that makes it even more comfortable.

unique purple bath rugs

If you prefer something unique yet comfortable against your feet, you can choose this kind of bath rug. It has adorable pattern and design on it.

comfy purple bath rugs

If you are looking for something simple yet safe and comfortable for your feet, this one can be a recommendation. It looks simple but it has great material and soft texture.

floral purple bath rugs

nice purple bath rugsbutterfly purple bath rugs beautiful purple bath rugs

great purple bath rugs good purple bath rugs

Washable 100 Wool Blankets with Nice Material

It is always great to update your blanket into the new one because it really helps you to get cleaner blanket. However, blanket is really important because it is used against your skin, so it must be clean to give good health for your skin. There are many kinds of blankets that you can choose. Most of the blankets come from many brands, but the best one or the recommended one is from 100 percent. It has great material on it and it is really washable.

nice 100 wool blankets

This one has simple design with grey colour on it. It will look great for you or your family. If it gets dirty, you can wash it even with washing machine.

incredible 100 wool blankets

For you who want another colour, you can choose red or blue. It depends on your taste. This one has thicker material and nice design on it.

brown 100 wool blankets

Brown is a nice colour too to be your blanket. It has nice material and it also gives you warmness. It is also easy to wash.

awesome 100 wool blankets grey 100 wool blankets great 100 wool blankets good 100 wool blankets


Beautiful Lace Shower Curtains for Glamour Look

For you who want to change the atmosphere inside your bathroom, you better install curtain with the new one. Actually, a curtain in the bathroom can make more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, it can also beautify your bathroom into more adorable one. For you who are looking for the right shower curtain, you can try lace shower curtain. Lace shower curtain can definitely give pure yet glamour look for your bathroom.

white lace shower curtains

This one has incredible pattern that makes it look vintage. For you who prefer vintage touch inside your bathroom, you can go for this one.

simple lace shower curtains

For you who prefer pattern with nature theme, this one will look great for your bathroom. It is really suitable for any kind of bathroom whether it is modern or vintage style.

great lace shower curtains

This one has floral pattern on it which is full in every area. This kind of curtain is really suitable for vintage touch because it will give your bathroom classy look.

nice lace shower curtains good lace shower curtains awesome lace shower curtains fabulous lace shower curtains

Put The Right Curved Shower Curtain Rods In The Bathroom

Bathroom is really important place to give you more private time for yourself and of course to clean up your body form the dirties. You probably have shower stall or bathtub. Both of them really need curtain because it gives more privacy when you are taking a bath. It is true that you should pay attention before you buy shower curtain to fit the size and the shape of the corner. If you put shower stall or bathtub on the corner, it will be better to make the shower curtain like the curved one.

nice curved shower curtain rods

This one has really nice curved shower curtain rod. It has great contour and texture on it that will make the bathroom look more incredible.

incredible curved shower curtain rods

If you have corner shower stall, then this one can be your solution to put the right curved shower curtain. You can also match it with the curtain.

flawless curved shower curtain rods

If your shower stall is not on the corner, then you can also put the curved shower curtain rods like the picture above. It will make your bathroom look more vintage.

great curved shower curtain rods

Take a look at other pictures below!

good curved shower curtain rods

awesome curved shower curtain rods fabulous curved shower curtain rods

Unique and Adorable Bathroom Sets for Kids

Setting a bathroom for your kids is really important because it will provide your kids with their own bathroom set without bothering your own bathroom set. Actually, the bathroom set of the kids and the adult are really different, if they use your own bathroom without your permission, it will cause some problem for them. So, it will be better to set the bathroom set for their own bathroom. If you are looking for some ideas how you can decorate the bathroom sets for your kids, then you can scroll down to see more ideas below!

coastal bathroom sets for kids

It will be great if you can decorate your kids’s bathroom with something that related to summer because most of kids love summer. You can go with this coastal/ beach theme.

awesome bathroom sets for kids


If your kids prefer something colourful yet simple, then this one is ideal for them. It is decorated with the colourful tiles that makes the bathroom look more adorable.

nice bathroom sets for kids

If you want to decorate in simple way, then you can just put some cute bathroom stuff inside. In this picture, there are owl curtain, bathroom rug, towel, and many more.

colourful bathroom sets for kids

Take a look at other pictures below!

cute bathroom sets for kids good bathroom sets for kids great bathroom sets for kids Kids' Bathroom Sets, Furniture and other Decor Accessories


Various Styles of Storage Under The Bathroom Sink

Bathroom sink is really important for us to put bathroom stuff there, so that we can easily take it when we need to use it. Bathroom stuff can be like shampoo, toothpaste, towel, and many more. You can place it under the bathroom sink, so it will look more organized. To put bathroom stuff under the bathroom sink, you probably need the right storage that can match it well. For you who prefer shelves, you can also put them there. When you put the right storage, you must pay attention at the size and the model to match it with the bathroom sink.

wood under bathroom sink storage

This storage is really matching with the bathroom sink, it has wood material as well. It will give you more space to place more bathroom stuff.

vintage under bathroom sink storage

If you prefer something vintage yet simple, this one will be great for you. It has vintage design with pure white colour on it.

modern under bathroom sink storage

This one has more contemporary style on it. It has storage with aluminium material on it. It makes the bathroom look greater and fresh.

neat under bathroom sink storage

Take a look at other pictures below !

white under bathroom sink storage simple under bathroom sink storage nice under bathroom sink storage great under bathroom sink storage

Enjoy Your Make Up Time with Classic Make Up Vanities

For women, make up is such an important thing because it will influence how our face will look in front of other people. Face is the first thing that people will pay attention at the first impression. That’s why vanity is a must for women inside their bedroom or bathroom. The vanity can actually help them to put their make up stuff neatly. It will organize it as their categorical like lipstick, powder, eyeliner, eye shadow. and many more. Basically, vanity is completed with a chair. It has same design and look with the vanity itself.

traditional make up vanities

For you who prefer something classic with nice decorations, then this one is ideal. It is usually for bathroom. It has two mirrors with decorative frames on it.

simple make up vanities

The simple one will always be the greatest one. this incredible vanity has blue colour on it. It has simple design yet classic.

classy v

This one is also awesome because it has floral decorations on its drawers. It looks great for every kind of bedroom. The finishing is also great.

nice make up vanities

Don’t forget to look at other pictures below!

green make up vanities great make up vanities awesome make up vanities glorious make up vanities

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