Kitchen Design for Small Home with Modern and Minimalist Style

I am a coward. I am often afraid of loneliness. But I love cooking. Whereas my kitchen is apart from the other room. With this condition, my cooking hobby becomes disturbed. Then, my husband had the idea to renovate our kitchen. Fortunately, my kitchen is adjacent to my living room. It becomes easier to remodel the kitchen. We decided to dismantle the wall between the kitchen and living room. We made some changes in the kitchen arrangement, replacing the wall divider with the beautiful white minimalist cabinet. Exactly in the right of the kitchen, there is a dining table for two people which decorated with beautiful hanging lamp made of shells. In order to look harmonious with the living room design, I used textured wall decals in white and black.

Another interesting ideas for small kitchens layout which caught my attention is a minimalist small kitchen design which is adjacent to a painting room. One thing you should know, my husband is an artist. In my opinion, this small kitchen remodel idea will provide a comfortable atmosphere for me while cooking. This modern kitchen design has a good kitchen shelves organizer. A wooden microwave shelf is adorned with gray glass surface. The beautiful glass cooker hood adds the minimalist impression in this small house kitchen. There are a simple table for two people made of wood. The most interesting thing from this small space kitchen is the simple wooden shelf which joins together with microwave shelf that can be used to store cookware or antiquities collection.

This kitchen design for small home with modern and minimalist style can be a solution for those of you who have a small house. Try this kitchen layout ideas and feel the wider nuance. We have wonderful kitchen photos for a small house in the gallery below. See and get your kitchen remodel idea.

Beautiful Apartment Kitchen Design

I have an apartment. Apartment becomes a choice for me. The apartment is located in a strategic place. I can save the time to go to the office. The apartments should be made with great concepts. The design must consider many aspects of the apartment. Beauty, cleanliness and comfort become part of the apartment. In particular, the design of the kitchen should have the cleanliness and neatness. The kitchen has a minimal size. This design adapts to the space.

Picture above is a kitchen design for an apartment. This design uses the concept of minimalism. This design uses the combinations of blue and white. The combinations of these colors will make the kitchen brighter. Kitchen design uses an oval table. This design will make it convenient for someone. In addition, this design also makes the activity easier. This design uses a chimney. This chimney will release vapor from the stove. The design will take into account the comfort and cleanliness. The kitchen is equipped with a table and chairs. The apartment kitchen design uses the concept of minimalist furniture. Table uses a thin board. The design also uses a form of modern chairs. The chair has only one leg. This chair can rotate 360 degrees.

This beautiful apartment kitchen design uses a rectangular table. It will make the kitchen more spacious. The combinations of white and brown is perfect. While the table design uses white color to make the kitchen brighter. The kitchen is equipped with a long shelf. This shelf is attached to the wall. The shelves can be used to store glasses, dishes and cookware. It has a distinctive design on the design. This roof design uses the concept of symmetry. It will create an impression of luxury. Dark color is used for the floor. It will add beauty in the kitchen.

Kitchen design has an important role. Kitchen becomes part of our activities. So we have to maintain and organize the kitchen well. You can enjoy some of the images of beautiful apartment kitchen design below for inspiration.

Amazing Kitchens and Designs Inspiration

Mother often do a lot of activities in the kitchen like cooking and washing dishes. Especially, my mother really love cooking for my father and me. My mother enjoy her work in the kitchen. Mother will always there for me and our family. Cooking everyday with monotonous kitchen design may make her feel bored. Designing amazing kitchen design for my mother, I think it is a good idea. I want to make my mother feels good when doing her activities in the kitchen. Here are some amazing kitchen design plans that I want.

Picture of wonderful kitchen design above is the one which really I want. This kitchen has a minimalist concept. It uses a combination of white and brown color. The kitchen is equipped with desks, cabinets, chairs, shelves and a wash dishes place. The great kitchen design uses teak cabinets. The design makes this space feel more beautiful. The design uses an oval table. The design will make it easier for my mother to prepare meals. In addition, there are cabinets used to store furniture such as plates, cups and spoons. The kitchen has two windows. The window helps making a good air circulation so that the air can be easily changed. This design is decorated with lights. This lamp has a shape like a ball. This beautiful light design will make the atmosphere in the kitchen more enjoyable.

On the other kitchen design picture, There are used some minimalist furniture. This kitchen design concerns about the location and beauty. This brown and white kitchen design looks luxurious and unique. The design uses a rectangular table. The cabinets and shelves made of teak. This design will add comfort for someone in the kitchen. This design will be the most beautiful kitchen in my home.

This article discusses about amazing kitchen design. This design can provide inspiration for you. There are some pictures and you can look at the picture on the gallery.

Modern and contemporary outdoor kitchen design ideas

In modern era, the outdoor kitchen has already used by many people, especially in apartment. Outdoor kitchen is a way to make room look more spacious. Like in the apartment with limited area, kitchen is made outside in order to become more widespread.

Some considerations in making outdoor kitchen and the advantages

 It is certainly wonderful when we can enjoy modern and contemporary touch in our kitchen. Especially if it is adding with a beautiful and fresh outdoor atmosphere. Some modern tool sophistications that facilitate the way we cook have been available with various types and options as our needs. The use of modern cooking tools can contribute to give a modern touch to our outdoor kitchen.

Some advantages of an outdoor kitchen is to avoid gas pollution such as foods smoke, which is scattered throughout the house and to avoid oil splash which damages home interiors.

We can cook and enjoy food in the outside area with our family or close relatives. Instant outdoor kitchen area can be designed with a natural approach. for example, by adding natural elements such as natural stone installation in the kitchen setup.

 Make sure the cookware is resistant to weather, such as those made ​​of stainless steel or aluminum. Using this tool also allows us to clean it easily. Cooking equipment which is required are stove, cabinet, barbecue grill, sink and other cooking equipment.

Kitchen configuration can be adopted to kitchen area and the circulation to the house. Kitchen space can be connected to another room, or given a glass barrier, or it could be with a table bar concept.

Choose The Right Fish Grill Basket to Grill Delicious Food

BBQ time is the way to celebrate something or just an event to gather with our beloved people. This kind of event is really great to enjoy spare time with our family and friends. If you are looking for the right grill basket, we will recommend you some of great grill baskets below, especially fish grill baskets. There are many kinds of models that you can choose with inexpensive price and of course with good quality.

nice fish grill basket

This one is really minimalist yet nice. It has nice material that will make your fish come out well. It is also fitted with the size of the fish.

cool fish grill basket

For you who are looking for bigger fish grill basket, you can choose this one. It has larger size with nice material on it. The handle is also matching with the size of the fish grill basket.

great fish grill basket

This amazing fish grill basket has two sets to grill the fish, it makes it even easier to grill the fish or other food. The handle looks really safe and comfortable too.

new fish grill basket modern fish grill basket good fish grill basket

Artistic and Smooth Wooden Salad Bowl Set

Salad is one of healthy food that you can eat everywhere every time. It has good nutrition that makes your body doesn’t get sick easily. Most of people know that salad is the mix of fruit and vegetables and it is consumed to not only get healthier body but also for diet. For you who probably want to enjoy your salad on the right and artistic bowl, you can take a look at these pictures below about salad bowl set that made of wood. It is not only washable but also great in every way.

smooth wooden salad bowl set

This one has smooth finishing with nice wood material on it. There are also spoon and fork that also made of wood. This kind of wood salad bowl set look really artictic.

nice wooden salad bowl set

This is different from the previous one because this set is a complete set which is made of family or a group of people. It is also made of great wood material with smooth lines.

fabulous wooden salad bowl set


This one looks really impressive because the design of the bowl itself is really unique. Spoon and fork are also available for this salad bowl set.

incredible wooden salad bowl set

Take a look at other pictures below in our gallery!

awesome wooden salad bowl set  great wooden salad bowl set good wooden salad bowl set

Washable 100 Wool Blankets with Nice Material

It is always great to update your blanket into the new one because it really helps you to get cleaner blanket. However, blanket is really important because it is used against your skin, so it must be clean to give good health for your skin. There are many kinds of blankets that you can choose. Most of the blankets come from many brands, but the best one or the recommended one is from 100 percent. It has great material on it and it is really washable.

nice 100 wool blankets

This one has simple design with grey colour on it. It will look great for you or your family. If it gets dirty, you can wash it even with washing machine.

incredible 100 wool blankets

For you who want another colour, you can choose red or blue. It depends on your taste. This one has thicker material and nice design on it.

brown 100 wool blankets

Brown is a nice colour too to be your blanket. It has nice material and it also gives you warmness. It is also easy to wash.

awesome 100 wool blankets grey 100 wool blankets great 100 wool blankets good 100 wool blankets


Installing Paper Towel Holder Under The Cabinet

When you are in the kitchen, you probably need paper towel to clean many things. What you need the most is paper towel holder to make you take the paper towel easier. You can place paper towel holder everywhere, but it will be better to put it under the cabinet because it gives you more space for the kitchen table. Let’s check these pictures below!

wood paper towel holder

If you prefer something classy yet modern for the paper towel holder, you can put this paper towel holder with wood material under your cabinet.

nice paper towel holder

This one looks incredible and decorative because of nice decorations on it. It has black colour that makes it suitable with every kind of kitchen.

incredible paper towel holder

If you prefer installing it vertically rather than horizontally, you can try like the picture above. The material is strong and suitable for any kind of kitchen.

great paper towel holder good paper towel holder black paper towel holder contemporary paper towel holder fabulous paper towel holder

The Great Taste of Coffee from Recommended Coffee Makers

Everyone loves to drink a cup of coffee in the morning. There are many functions of coffee in the morning, it will give you more energy and prevent you for being sleepy when you are working and many more. That’s why a cup of coffee is really needed in the morning. You can just choose whatever the taste you prefer and make it into coffee makers. For you who are looking for the right coffee makers, we will give you the recommendation below!

white k-cup coffee makers

This one is from Keurig. It has great yet simple design, so it will perfectly fit with every kind of kitchen. It can make a cup of coffee as soon as possible.

nice k-cup coffee makers

This one is from Breville. It has silver colour that makes it look more incredible. You can make whatever coffee you want without spending much time.

new k-cup coffee makers

This one is from Hamilton. It has simple yet innovative design. There is also tea kettle on it if you need to boil the water.

modern k-cup coffee makers

incredible k-cup coffee makers awesome k-cup coffee makers great k-cup coffee makers fabulous k-cup coffee makers

Simple Human Dish Rack to Place Kitchen Stuff

If you have kitchen stuff like plates, cups, spoons, and many more, you probably need dish rack to put them neatly. Putting them neatly on the dish rack will make your kitchen look even cleaner. Clean kitchen is what you probably need because you can feel more comfortable to cook if your kitchen is clean. For you who are looking for the right dish rack, you can find the simple one because it will be better to put kitchen stuff in the simple human dish rack.

simple simple human dish rack

This one is pretty simple and clean. It will make your kitchen look neat and incredible because it has nice texture and material on it.

nice simple human dish rack

This one is more complete than the previous one. You can put more things on this dish rack like plates, spoons, glass and many more.

great simple human dish rack

If you prefer something that has wood material on it, this one is also great for you. It has wood material on both of side boards. You can also place knife on it.

incredible simple human dish rack

Take a look at other pictures below!

grey simple human dish rack awesome simple human dish rack good simple human dish rack

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