Achieving Success in Children Toilet Training by Designing Fun Bathroom

Children are sometimes averse to take a pee in the bathroom or lavatory. If they do it in their pants, not only make dirty home, but also the hygiene problems that should be more considered for kids. So that, it will be better to train toddler taking a pee in the bathroom. Here are the ideas from some children trainer.
First thing to do is train them with sense of belonging and sense of responsibility for the objects in the house. For example: if the child urinated in the house, tell them: “You should pee in the bathroom. So pitiful floor of (your child’s name)’s home if it is urinated continually. Now, let’s clean the floor. Next time, do not take a pee here again.”
Not easy to instill good habits to children. It takes patience and creativity to do so. Use appropriate approach suitable for their age, and do it in fun ways. For example, toilet training. Toilet training can be one of the right moment to teach good habits practically. Here are some important keys:

  1. Do when the child was two years old.
  2. Make a good habits you want to adopt. Encourage the child to the toilet every two hours, do not wait until the kids wanted to pee. For the boys, as a provocation, make some colored ice cubes, insert it into the toilet, take the child to shoot with his pee in the toilet.
  3. Give praise every child is succeed done it, so they will be happy and confident to do it again. The challenge can be added suitable with their increasing age, such as learning to open his own trousers.

The other thing to do is designing fun and interesting toilets for them. For example, we can take the kid-friendly things and bringing the kids world in the bathroom.
Based on the characteristics of child development, children like bright color and some animals. In line with this idea, we can decorate the bathroom with painting several animals on the wall, or even we can choose the ceramics with animal picture.
Bathroom with jungle design concept can be a unique and funny idea. Monkey hanging toothbrush and toothpaste are so exiting engaging child to brush their teeth. This corner is place to brush teeth. Adding the mirror besides, to make sure mouth clean from the toothpaste.
These examples form a standard hand-washing place coupled with small steps to help children reach their teeth or wash their hands. Pictures of elephants and monkeys on the wall is very appealing to children.
Some images below may inspiring you how to build fun bathroom for kids:

Keep your earthenware clean with vinegar easily

Whitewash often arises in an earthenware which comes from water. If our earthenware is stained by the whitewash, the earthenware will not be beautiful and sparkling again. Here is the best way to keep the earthenware clean:

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Lying in a bathtub will relax a mind. However, what happen if the bathtub is dirty? It is certainly not enjoyable. Bathtub is often dirty because of the soap foam remnant. You can clean the bathtub briskly and easily. Well, here is the easy tip to clean a bathtub:

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Simple way to remove mud stains from carpet-cloth or curtain

Stain removal for carpet, cloth, curtain or soft furnishing

Mud stains in the cloth, curtain or soft furnishing caused by flood can be cleaned with some emulsion. You just need 500 grams washing soda, 500 grams borax and 2 liter water. Soak the stained cloth or curtain in the emulsion for a half hour, then wash it again with soap water and warm water until it is clean. Just try it and get the clean one! Read more

Decorative Monogrammed Door Mats for The Front Door

You probably need a door mat for your front door because it really helps people to clean their feet before they come inside your house. It can also decorate your house by choosing the right door mat that matches with the door. There are many kinds of door mats models that you can choose. Most of people these days love to use monogrammed door mat because it is unique and gives awesome vibe for the front door of your house.

nice monogrammed door mats

This one looks perfect with the decoration on the edge and the ‘W’ letter on it. It has great material that will comfort your feet when they touch it.

lovely monogrammed door mats

If you prefer something more decorative than the previous one, you can take a look at this one. It has nice ornament on it with ‘Y’ letter. Along with Y letter, there are also beautiful ornament.

black monogrammed door mats

If you are looking for something cool with simple design on it, it can be ideal for you. The black door mat with ‘B’ letter will look great in front of the door.

decorative monogrammed door mats

Take a look at other pictures below!

awesome monogrammed door mats great monogrammed door mats fabulous monogrammed door mats good monogrammed door mats

Celebrating Halloween Night with Delicious and Unique Halloween Food Costume Ideas for Babies

Baby is always cute and lovely. You can definitely make your baby more lovely with marvelous Halloween costume. It is not only about movie character or animal but also you can give them food costume. When Halloween comes, everyone always thinks properly to make themselves as unique as possible by wearing Halloween costume. So, if you are confused to choose what kind of costume that will be cute for your baby, you can try food costume. Food costume has many several unique designs like pizza, ice cream, sushi, peanut, etc. This costume is also funnier and more unique than other costumes. But, don’t forget to make sure your baby feels comfortable to wear it. Well, we have many pictures about food costumes for your baby.

baby ice cream cone halloween costume

If you have a baby in age 0-3 month, this costume is probably ideal for your baby. Because it has been designed for infant and it is also cute and unique.

baby sushi halloween costume

This yummy costume has sushi design. After you see this kind of costume with the cute baby, you will be like “woah I want to eat you up!” because this costume is designed like the real sushi with fake meat, fresh celeries and fake seaweed.

baby french fries halloween costume

This french fries costume is rare used, because it is harder to find it in the store. Well, if you can’t find it in the store (even online store), you can try to make it by yourself (DIY). You can pick what kind of fabric that is comfortable for your baby and make it into unique costume.

baby burger halloween costume

Well, there are still many pictures in our gallery. Don’t forget to check them out!

baby chili pepper halloween costume baby cute sushi halloween costume baby peanut halloween costume

baby ice cream halloween costume baby hotdog halloween costume

baby strawberry halloween costume

baby spaghetti halloween costume

baby pizza halloween costume yummy baby sushi halloween costume baby tomato ketchup halloween costume





The Lovely Wizard of Somewhere Landed in Halloween Party with Sexy Halloween Costume

Halloween costume is a crucial thing that has to be prepared well. There are many kinds of Halloween costumes that will be suitable for you. Perhaps, you want to look marvelous with your Halloween costume, but you should also pay attention on the makeup. In every Halloween party, we always see wizard costume and it becomes more wonderful with many accessories. We’re gonna give you some tips to look like a real wizard in Halloween party. Some of accessories that always used for wizard are wizard hat (the most commonly used), black boots, robe, mask, wand, etc. But, for this time I will show you wizard costumes in sexy line. Check them out and get your inspiration!

wizard sexy halloween costume

This costume has school uniform design, but in sexy line. If you want to make it sexier, you can cut off your skirt into the miniskirt then combine it with the tight shirt. The model also wears wizard hat, school tie, short black robe, black heels and black socks.

sorceress wizard sexy halloween costume

If you want to make it more colourful, you can apply with light colours like red, blue, yellow, pink, green, etc. this wizard costume is dominated by red and blue colours. The model also wears blue hoodie and blue belt.

cute wizard of oz scarecrow sexy halloween costume

This costume is suitable for adult or teen, it is adapted from The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow. This costume has cute but still sexy design. There are green wizard hat, green shirt, brown miniskirt, grey shoes and fringe accessories.

adult sexy halloween costume

If you are still looking for more pictures about sexy wizard costumes, you can check our gallery below.

beautiful wizard sexy halloween costume black and green sexy halloween costume black wizard sexy halloween costume mysterious wizard sexy halloween costume greeny sexy halloween costume blue and black sexy halloween costume purple wizard sexy halloween costume  teen wizard sexy halloween costume wizard of oz scarecrow sexy halloween costume wizard of oz lady sexy halloween costume wicked woman sexy halloween costume





Being A Sophisticated Vampire in Halloween Party with Adorable Vampire Makeup and Contact Lense

The look in Halloween party becomes very important to pay attention at. Because you have to prepare it well in order to make you more confident and yet comfortable. There are many costumes that you can buy in the store. But, there is another thing you have to prepare it well. What’s that? The makeup to fit your costume. If your costume is great enough, but your makeup is not suitable. Then it is quiet disappointing. Well, you can pick your own style to fit the costume. Whether you want to make it scarier or just natural. For the example, vampire makeup, you can make it scarier by applying more makeup on your eyes. To make it more realistic like a real vampire, you can also apply contact lense. These are some pictures about vampire makeup with suitable contact lenses below.

nice vampire halloween contact

You can try this makeup to make your look more realistic. You can apply more powder to make your skin looks pale, then apply black liquid eyeliner with fake eyelashes and dreamy contact lense. Don’t forget to apply red lipstick and fake blood from the corner of the mouth.

trendy vampire halloween contact

You can also pick trendy contact lense and suit it with your makeup. This contact lense has unique pattern, that is mosaic pattern and it gives dreamy but cold look. Then, you can put fake vampire teeth.

natural vampire halloween contact

If you don’t want to apply too much makeup, you can also make it natural as you want. You can just apply black liquid eyeliner on your eyes, natural color of eyeshadow and brown contact lense. But still, you have to apply fake blood to make your vampire look scarier.

adorable vampire halloween contact

Keep scrolling down! Because there are still many pictures in our gallery.

appealing vampire halloween contact  brown vampire halloween contact

glowing vampire halloween contact

gloomy vampire halloween contact glamorous vampire halloween contact dreamy vampire halloween contact

grey vampire halloween contact

greeny vampire halloween contact

red vampire halloween contact scary vampire halloween contactsexy vampire halloween contact

Unique and Glowing Halloween Contact Lenses To Make Your Halloween Costumes Special

Halloween is just around the corner.  Now is the time to decorate the house and prepare your costume. To prepare what kind of costume that you want to wear, you can visit websites that sell many halloween stuff. They always have unique and goofy clothes to wear. If you have chosen your halloween costume, then you want to make your look more interesting you can add contact lense. Actually, contact lense gives scarier look and yet awesome. There are many stores that have some selection of spooky contact lenses.  You can choose what kind of contact lense like cat like, reptilian, solid white eye, etc. Well, these pictures below will give you inspiration to choose contact lense that will be suitable for your costume or makeup.

hello kitty halloween contact lense

This hello kitty lense has pink color on the edge and blue mint on the center. This kind of lense is suitable for you who want to wear hello kity costume or another pink costume in the halloween party. You can combine it with this contact lense and it will make your appearance more lovely.

solid white eye halloween contact lense

This is a solid white eye contact lense. This kind of contact lense is ideal for those who will wear vampire or zombie costume. Because this  contact lense gives cold and mysterious look. You can also combine it with smoky make up eyes.

zebra halloween contact lense

If you want to wear something different and rare, this will be great for you. This contact lense has zebra pattern that is suitable for every costume you wear.

Angelic halloween contact lense

Well, you can see marvelous other contact lenses in our gallery.

batman halloween contact lense MBR cat like halloween contact lense

point halloween contact lense

greeny halloween contact lense colorful halloween contact lense rainbow halloween contact lense

shadow halloween contact lense

soccer halloween contact lense

white halloween contact lense vampire halloween contact lense





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