Best Modern Bathroom Design Ideas 2011 for Wide Spaces with Amazing Pattern

I have a wide bathroom at home but I got confused when my father wish me to redecorate our wide bathroom. My father just talked to me that he want the luxury and modern bathroom design. He told me to think about its bathroom design layout decoration.

I started with my wide bathroom plans with seamless plant pattern that I have ever watched on the 5 star hotel in Alabama. With the luxury pattern wall decoration, the designer puts some symmetrical pattern on the wall. This amazing bathroom design inspiration comes with the luxury interior like amazing crystal chandelier pendant lamp, luxury brass candle holder, brass table with round glass surface, and elegant bath up.

On another picture of wide bathroom design, you can see how the red flower with beautiful glass vase beautifies this bathroom.

The other designs for wide bathrooms, the best things that I love is the textured of the newest tiled wall bathroom decoration. It looks like the illustration plant pattern which embellish the interior design. The textured door decoration is really cool in white color. There is also brown beautiful engraved table with one feet height to place the fresh flower and our things.

Glorious! This is the way I can say about the red modern wide bathroom design. I love red and I love this red white textured bathroom model. With the red beautiful pattern decoration for the wall design, this wide room looks focusing many decorations to the red vanities. The vanities completes with the long white lamp, white modern sink, red hanging vanities and a bathroom necessities place. Beside the beautiful vanities, a glass wall divider with the pretty white flower pattern stalk makes a harmonious nuance.

There are some picture collection of amazing pattern on best modern bathroom design ideas 2011 on the gallery below. Check the gallery and look the amazing bathroom design!

Amazing Up-to-date Bathroom Remodeling Design Idea

One day at my house, my bathroom was unusable because of clogged water pipe. Then I had the idea to decorate my bathroom with the up-to-date bathroom design. I started to surf the internet for bathroom remodeling ideas. Fortunately, I found some home design sites that provide a variety of amazing bathroom remodeling design idea pictures.

A bathroom remodeling picture which is so inspiring me is the natural bathroom which has a small pool beside the bath up which is implanted on the wooden floor. This beautiful tropical bathroom design has two side walls which covered with large transparent glass window. This good window idea allows us to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside. This design seems like a spa hotel design picture. Lying on the white bath up while enjoying classic music feels like having a spa treatment. It is very soothing and pleasant.

My second favorite bathroom remodeling design is the one which has a unique white box-shaped-bath up which blends with bookshelves. This large space bathroom highlights the bath up which can accommodate two people. On the bath up, the two brown curved backrest are very suitable to relax in leaning position. This bathroom model is perfect for those who love reading books. It is because while bathing, you can also soak and read books that can be easily taken from the wooden shelf.

There are some pictures of amazing up-to-date bathroom remodeling design idea on the gallery below. Check this out, pals!

Cool Livingroom Interior Design for Wide Space

Cool! That’s what I need to say about the living room design. This bright and colorful nuance can brighten your day home. This design will make your living room look warm and vibrant. You can also bring the atmosphere of an upscale apartment to your living room. You will easily get the ideas here to redecorate your living room to the cool one. Check the picture collection of cool living room design which we have collected here.

The guest room which has a wide screen TV and flower wall sticker has a minimalist concept. The table bring out the minimalist living room model. The bottom of the table is made of wood in the box form with real wood texture. While the top of the table is made of glass in the ivory color. A white sofa complements this living room. The sofa can accommodate almost six people. It uses a good quality material and soft sponge. You will feel comfortable when you sit on it. The color used in the living room is white ivory which tends to neutral. To complete the beauty, some red pillows and green artificial foliage are added as living room decoration.

On the other picture, there are a brown living room which has many brown furniture inside. To make it more alive, colorful painting may be attached on the wall. Modern brown furniture is used like brown sofa, table, mini fireplace, and bear skin carpet.

Panoramic mountains or beach view are a very wonderful scenery that can be enjoyed from your living room. By decorating your living room with glass window, you can enjoy the wonderful nature from inside. Glass windows will make this room brighter. It is very cool living room design for mountain or sea villa resort design. I love to be there.

There are more ideas in the gallery of cool living room designs below. Check this out, fellas.

Cute Bedroom Design for Kid with Cartoon Characters Theme

Designing bedroom model for children needs something special. Most children live in their imagination. I mean, they often imagine a lot of things in their minds like cartoons, monsters, superman, batman or another cartoon character they like. We sometimes laugh looking at their behavior when they are in the world of child imagination. It is always fun to look at them when they are talking to the doll, fighting with their robot, etc. They treat the child accessories like the objects are really alive. Bringing kid’s favorite things in kids bedroom is a good idea. Let’s see some images of cute and cool kid bedroom design ideas.

Some kids’ bedroom designs are really cute with their favorite cartoon characters like Hello Kitty, Samurai Jack, Alice in Wonderland, Felix, Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, Garfield, Astro boy, The Little Mermaid, Cars, etc. We can make it with decorating the wall with painting of the cartoon film or attach the cartoon wall sticker. Cartoon bedding is also wonderful idea to be used. Another great inspirations for making a cute kid bedroom with cartoon theme are using the cartoon character for the child bedroom furnishings and kid bedroom accessories. If you can search for the cartoon furniture for them, I am sure that they will be really pleased.

Don’t you thing that minimalist concept can’t be implemented in toddler bedroom. The minimalist model on the picture uses a blend of yellow and orange. The combination of bright colors is giving cheerful impression . You can also add the mattress which made of soft material and of course, safety. In minimalist style for kid, you can still add the kids touch on the bedding. Use Tom and Jerry bed covers or another cartoon characters they love. Design a bedroom with locker under the bed to store toys. In addition, for girl kid bedroom, cute dolls placed near bed will make children happy and it will beautify the room.

Those are the design ideas about bedroom decoration for kid. You can get inspiration from the gallery below.

Beautiful Apartment Kitchen Design

I have an apartment. Apartment becomes a choice for me. The apartment is located in a strategic place. I can save the time to go to the office. The apartments should be made with great concepts. The design must consider many aspects of the apartment. Beauty, cleanliness and comfort become part of the apartment. In particular, the design of the kitchen should have the cleanliness and neatness. The kitchen has a minimal size. This design adapts to the space.

Picture above is a kitchen design for an apartment. This design uses the concept of minimalism. This design uses the combinations of blue and white. The combinations of these colors will make the kitchen brighter. Kitchen design uses an oval table. This design will make it convenient for someone. In addition, this design also makes the activity easier. This design uses a chimney. This chimney will release vapor from the stove. The design will take into account the comfort and cleanliness. The kitchen is equipped with a table and chairs. The apartment kitchen design uses the concept of minimalist furniture. Table uses a thin board. The design also uses a form of modern chairs. The chair has only one leg. This chair can rotate 360 degrees.

This beautiful apartment kitchen design uses a rectangular table. It will make the kitchen more spacious. The combinations of white and brown is perfect. While the table design uses white color to make the kitchen brighter. The kitchen is equipped with a long shelf. This shelf is attached to the wall. The shelves can be used to store glasses, dishes and cookware. It has a distinctive design on the design. This roof design uses the concept of symmetry. It will create an impression of luxury. Dark color is used for the floor. It will add beauty in the kitchen.

Kitchen design has an important role. Kitchen becomes part of our activities. So we have to maintain and organize the kitchen well. You can enjoy some of the images of beautiful apartment kitchen design below for inspiration.

Cool Apartment Layout Planner

We must design apartment design. This design will affect the shape and interior models. This design will take time to think about the desired picture. Design apartment can be searched from various sources such as the internet, magazines and architecture. The design of the apartments will determine the design of the apartment.

Pictured above is the layout of an apartment. This design uses minimalist concept. This apartment has a small size. Bed located in the left corner. Design table and TV located next to the bed. The chair can be placed next to the bed. This bedroom has a window to the right. The kitchen is located in the corner of the room. Kitchen design uses a minimalist concept. Kitchen has furniture such as desks, cupboard, shelves and freezer. This design will make the room a minimalist.

The image above uses a minimalist design. This design will make the room feel cozy. Bedroom design has a narrow size. This design comes with a sofa and desk. In addition, this design uses a curtain to separate between the rooms. This design will make the apartments to be more colorful and beautiful. The room is decorated with some furniture. This design uses bright colors because bright colors will make the room feel spacious.

Picture above is the design of the room is minimalist. This design will make a person feel comfortable. This design comes with a sofa, table, chairs, shelves and a bed. Rack design placed left corner. This design will make the room more spacious. The room design looks neat and clean. This design becomes important option. Bed placed above the closet. This design will save area. In addition, this design will not disturb the scenery when someone comes in the apartment.

The design is about planning an apartment. This design will provide a solution of the problem in the apartment. There are some pictures below can inspire you.

Amazing Kid Rooms Design Inspiration

Parents should observe kid room. Kid room has differences with adults. It is better to use color combination for kid room design. The color concept used will help in determining a kid development. Good situation of their room will also increase the kid’s brain development. This design will make your child be creative and clever. Parents should determine the design room for children properly.

Picture above is the design for a kid room. This bedroom design uses the concept of fiction. The bedroom design has a two artificial trees between the bed. There is a large bed which is made of a soft sponge. The wall is painted with brown color. It will lead to the kid imagination. They will feel in a fairy tale. This kid bedroom model is furnished with a small table. Kid will love to write and draw here. In addition, the room is furnished with rugs. The carpet is made of wool with black and white color. Kid will feel comfortable when they are playing on the floor.

Picture above is the design for kid bedroom. This design has the square footage. This Design equipped with bed, wardrobe and shelves. The bed design uses the concept of minimalism and symmetry. Bed has a rectangular shape. This design will make the child feel comfortable. There are bed which uses small wheels. This bed can be moved easily. This design comes with a closet. Cabinet placed corner of the room. This design uses a large closet. So the kid toys can be stored in the closet. Cabinet designs to choose bright colors. This design will make the room brighter. In addition, the rack can be placed next to the bed. Shelves can be used to store books and box.

Design is about the Amazing Kid Rooms. There are some pictures below can inspire you.

Cool Pool Design for Modern Home Inspiration

Availability of land to place the pool is an important thing to be considered. You can design a family pool which is adjacent to a family room. For those of you who want to make a swimming pool in your home, you should look at this minimalist pool because it seems natural and elegant. Although the pool model is minimalist but still impress luxurious swimming pool.

The pool design gallery image above is a minimalist indoor pool design. The focus decoration on this pool design is on the side wall. The wall uses parallel lines highlighted with a light shot from the the bottom. It makes the calm nuance. It looks very interesting to decorate the edge of the pool with a sundeck made of wood. In this section, the decor is the same as the striped walls. The striped design adds the impression of minimalist concept. In addition to make a beautiful and fresh touch on this pool, the flower or grass can be planted on the edge of the sundeck area.In my opinion, if you build this kind of pool design, you will feel comfortable when you are swimming.

Pictured above is a kind of minimalist pool. This design has a square shape. This pool has features on the edge of the pool. The design uses wood. Wood is arranged symmetrically and it creates beautiful patterns. Wood does not create a slippery floor. In addition, there is a section planted with grass. Grass will provide a beautiful color combination. To enjoy atmosphere at the pool, there are two seats. The chair can be used for sitting, looking at the pool.

The design is about the design of a swimming pool. The swimming pool can make your home more enjoyable. You can see some of the pool design in the image below.

Amazing Modern Bedroom for Couples

Somebody says that bedroom is a private room, especially for couple. How to design a amazing modern bedroom for couple recently discusses for someone who have just married. The room design can affect the psychology and comfort of the owner. Decorating rooms must pay attention on color and furniture arrangement in order to create more comfortable atmosphere. This amazing modern bedroom design may change one’s life. The most important things are clean and neat. The beauty should also be set up. This bedroom should provide storing place for a variety of things and personal items. The selection of furniture is a perfect solution in managing good modern bedroom design.

The amazing modern bedroom picture above designed in minimalist bedroom design. This bedroom design uses a combination of black and white. With the small size, this bedroom use some simple but modern bed. The selection of beds, chairs and tables have an important role. The bed comes with black and white bedding theme. It will make the room feel more beautiful. The table is just the simple but elegant. You can try to design the minimalist table design like that. The table is attached to the wall so that it does not reduce the land area. The rectangular table is in white color. This design makes this room feel more spacious. In addition, the room is also equipped with small carpet, black rug and some picture on the wall.

In my opinion, the bedroom image above is a contemporary bedroom design. It is unique and amazing, the spacious one with many furniture inside. There are a double bed, a wooden table and a white modern chairs. The lamp attached on the wall between the main bed is really cool. The gloomy light will help you sleep more comfortable. The wooden table is big and there are some shelf to store books. The design will create a wide nuance. The floor is made of wood layers. This design will create a luxurious space.

Bedroom has an important role in everyone’s lives. You can get inspiration from some picture of amazing modern bedroom for couples below.

Amazing Kitchens and Designs Inspiration

Mother often do a lot of activities in the kitchen like cooking and washing dishes. Especially, my mother really love cooking for my father and me. My mother enjoy her work in the kitchen. Mother will always there for me and our family. Cooking everyday with monotonous kitchen design may make her feel bored. Designing amazing kitchen design for my mother, I think it is a good idea. I want to make my mother feels good when doing her activities in the kitchen. Here are some amazing kitchen design plans that I want.

Picture of wonderful kitchen design above is the one which really I want. This kitchen has a minimalist concept. It uses a combination of white and brown color. The kitchen is equipped with desks, cabinets, chairs, shelves and a wash dishes place. The great kitchen design uses teak cabinets. The design makes this space feel more beautiful. The design uses an oval table. The design will make it easier for my mother to prepare meals. In addition, there are cabinets used to store furniture such as plates, cups and spoons. The kitchen has two windows. The window helps making a good air circulation so that the air can be easily changed. This design is decorated with lights. This lamp has a shape like a ball. This beautiful light design will make the atmosphere in the kitchen more enjoyable.

On the other kitchen design picture, There are used some minimalist furniture. This kitchen design concerns about the location and beauty. This brown and white kitchen design looks luxurious and unique. The design uses a rectangular table. The cabinets and shelves made of teak. This design will add comfort for someone in the kitchen. This design will be the most beautiful kitchen in my home.

This article discusses about amazing kitchen design. This design can provide inspiration for you. There are some pictures and you can look at the picture on the gallery.

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