Amazing Rooftop Garden Design

When someone wants to make a garden in a big city, it becomes a problem. Narrow land and limited space become weakness for someone who lived in a big city. One must think of a way to deal with this issue. Every year the number of homes and land becomes a lot narrower. Therefore, we must find an alternative way to create a garden. Some ways can be applied to solve problems in the city park.

In more urban areas, a gardener is limited in the amount of space that they have. If you find that you are running out of room, or if you want an outdoor living space, then Things may be looking up for you, literally. You may want to consider creating a rooftop garden.

Rooftop gardens are an ideal way for an urban gardener to expand their space. Rooftop gardens also make good use of frequently unused and wasted space.
Picture above is the design roof top garden. Garden is seen between apartments and offices. Parks can be designed on top of the building. This park has a wide area. This design uses the concept of a minimalist garden. Although the park is minimalist but has a natural feel. This design uses a few stacks of wood. Wood arranged around the roof top garden. This floor design uses timber order. This design will create a beautiful and natural. There are some plants such as flowers and ornamental plants. This design will make your green roof. There are benches and chairs to enjoy the roof top garden. You can also enjoy the beauty of the park and sky. This park can be a place to spend your time.

Design is becoming the solution of problems in a garden in the city. The design roof top garden can be a solution to save the world from the global warming. This design will inspire you to create a roof top garden in your home. You can see some pictures below.

Amazing Modern Office Design

Journey from home to the office takes a lot of time and energy. Especially in a big city, to go to the office takes a long time due to some problems of transportation. It can make a pressure to person. In fact, this condition can lead to stress. Stress levels in large cities are of particular concern. Therefore, the design and layout of the city is very important. The office also requires special arrangements to avoid stress on employees. Office design can be the perfect solution to enhance your office space. Design office space can use the theme of the company. If the company is engaged in the fields of advertising, design the room to use the concept of minimalist and modern. In addition, a company engaged in the field of technology, the office can use futuristic and modern design. Design a room depending on the concept and the desired theme.

Pictured above is a modern design. This design uses a booth for the room employees. Booth design has a height of about 150 cm. This design is made open to oversee the activities of the employees. The boss can also look at your employees work. In the chamber there is a glass window to look at the situation around. Booths are made with teak wood. So these cubicles are guaranteed robustness and strength. This booth designs using color gray. In addition, there are extra white lines to create the beautiful booths. The interesting thing in this design is the roof section. Roof is designed with a circular pattern. Lighting is also an important factor in the design office. Light bulbs will provide a beautiful shadow effects.

You can get some inspiration after seeing the picture. In addition, there are some pictures of modern office design. You can think of and consider the design office. You can enjoy some of the images below.

Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design Inspiration

For those of you who just built a house for your residential, not hurt you to build your home with minimalist concept, following suggestions that you can use to build a building that we will discuss today is the bathroom, the bathroom is very important in a building in the house. We understand the challenges that you face when turning your house into a home. Bathroom Design is one of the leading bathrooms, tiles and sanitary ware providers in the Maltese Islands. We strive to offer you the best service, a wealth of experience and superior products. Quality products are essential for your home. Aside from a vast selection of bathrooms and floor tiles, we also have a wide range of sinks, steam showers, saunas, spas, pool tiles, fireplaces and friendly products. Design to be an enjoyable one and will be there to facilitate your choices every step of the way.

The above picture is a modern bathroom design. This bathroom design uses stripes. This bathroom fixtures such as bathtubs have, sink, toilet. The design of the floor uses abrasive materials. The floor is made of stripes. This design does not make the floor slippery. Selection of colors uses a combination of bright and dark colors. Colors of the floor use black and brown. Wall uses white and orange. The bathroom is equipped with a few frills like vase. Vase can be placed in the corner. Additionally, the bathroom is equipped with shelves and chairs.

This is about modern bathroom design. The bathroom becomes an essential element in the home. Therefore the design of the bathroom must be considered. So the design of the bathroom can be an inspiration in your life. There are some pictures below you can see.

Amazing Dining Table Design

You can get together with your family at breakfast or dinner. The good table design can add the harmonious nuance. Minimalist or semi-classical dining room interior design influenced the atmosphere of the room. The spacious or narrow dining room can be set as much as possible, in order to remain comfortable activity. The arrangement of the dining room interior design can also blend with the kitchen, mini bar or separate themselves. Dining table can be separated or combined with the kitchen design. The dining table or sometimes referred as dining table also keep abreast of fads design. You can determine the design of the dining table itself.

This table design uses the concept of minimalist. Minimalist style became a hit this year. It is simple and functional. Design table in the picture above has contemporary form. Dining table design is made symmetrically with the kitchen. This table design uses combination between white and off-white colors so that the table looks bright. This table design has a size of 150 x 70 cm. Table design is designed for 6 people. Although the table has a small form but this table can accommodate family members. In addition, this design uses material from teak wood. So this table has the durability and robustness. Design is important because the dining table dining table becomes a means to a family gathering.

This article discusses about dining table design. You can see some pictures in this article. These pictures can be an inspiration. You can apply in your home.

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Achieving Success in Children Toilet Training by Designing Fun Bathroom

Children are sometimes averse to take a pee in the bathroom or lavatory. If they do it in their pants, not only make dirty home, but also the hygiene problems that should be more considered for kids. So that, it will be better to train toddler taking a pee in the bathroom. Here are the ideas from some children trainer.
First thing to do is train them with sense of belonging and sense of responsibility for the objects in the house. For example: if the child urinated in the house, tell them: “You should pee in the bathroom. So pitiful floor of (your child’s name)’s home if it is urinated continually. Now, let’s clean the floor. Next time, do not take a pee here again.”
Not easy to instill good habits to children. It takes patience and creativity to do so. Use appropriate approach suitable for their age, and do it in fun ways. For example, toilet training. Toilet training can be one of the right moment to teach good habits practically. Here are some important keys:

  1. Do when the child was two years old.
  2. Make a good habits you want to adopt. Encourage the child to the toilet every two hours, do not wait until the kids wanted to pee. For the boys, as a provocation, make some colored ice cubes, insert it into the toilet, take the child to shoot with his pee in the toilet.
  3. Give praise every child is succeed done it, so they will be happy and confident to do it again. The challenge can be added suitable with their increasing age, such as learning to open his own trousers.

The other thing to do is designing fun and interesting toilets for them. For example, we can take the kid-friendly things and bringing the kids world in the bathroom.
Based on the characteristics of child development, children like bright color and some animals. In line with this idea, we can decorate the bathroom with painting several animals on the wall, or even we can choose the ceramics with animal picture.
Bathroom with jungle design concept can be a unique and funny idea. Monkey hanging toothbrush and toothpaste are so exiting engaging child to brush their teeth. This corner is place to brush teeth. Adding the mirror besides, to make sure mouth clean from the toothpaste.
These examples form a standard hand-washing place coupled with small steps to help children reach their teeth or wash their hands. Pictures of elephants and monkeys on the wall is very appealing to children.
Some images below may inspiring you how to build fun bathroom for kids:

Buy The Best And New Car Beds For Girls

Car bed, I think it is a brilliant idea as a birthday gift for children. Yeah, you can order a new car bed. It’s not only used as your child’s bed, but also can be used as the toy. Boys will surely love the boys car bed because besides interest, some of the car bed also has advanced features such as sound, light, movement and many other features that will be very attractive and entertaining to children. What about girls? Girls are also inseparable from her love of cars. Of course most of them tend to like girly one.  But, do not be confused to decide the awesome car bed present for girls toddler because it is also available in various models. Especially for girls, car bed featured in beautiful, girly and adorable designs. The girly touch can be obtained with pink or purple, or by adding some girly decorative like flower, doll, barbie, etc. Read more

Preparing Healthy Public Diaper Changing Station Safety for Baby

Before using the diaper changing station at a store, restaurant or other public location, make sure that it meets general safety standards. Like most objects that could pose health and safety risks to the general population, changing stations are regulated by state and local authorities, so laws and guidelines may differ by location. However, there are some standard parameters that you should consider to help keep your baby safe, clean and healthy.
A public diaper changing station should be made out of high-density molded plastic such as polyethylene. Not only does this help to ensure that the unit is durable and comfortable, unlike cold, hard steel would be, but it also helps to prevent dampness and odor retention while being easy to clean up, as well. Read more

Best Preparation for New Parents in Completing All Baby Need

Becoming new parents is so delightful and fun. All parents needs are preparing the good way to teach and becoming good parents. Not only that case should be prepared, but also all of the baby equipments, baby needs and baby furniture should be provided.

Who would have thought that kind of baby gear was very diverse and as much as adults. Although not all the equipment should be provided at the same time, but choose the safe equipment type is our responsibility as parents. Seeing the large number of baby equipment available, create business opportunities in this field even thrive. The number of clothing stores and baby gear is greatly increased both offline and online stores. Various brands and price options available become more varied and makes us more difficult to decide which stores are providing a complete, quality, and with very affordable prices among the stores for our baby furniture that exist today? Read more

Baby furniture: baby dressers, sleeping bag, bassinet and push cart

Before baby birth, parents have to prepare it all the babies need well. Not only preparing baby bedroom, but also parents should complete it with the baby furniture. There are some baby furniture that parents have to consider before buying.

Soft and comfortable material is the main point to consider when we choose children’s clothing. Towels and T-shirt materials which is supple and elastic may be an option. At the age of 9-12 years, children usually begin to crawl and  walk. At this age, your baby is almost never still, always moving back with great curiosity. As a result, the clothes that they are wearing dirty quickly, more often washed and ironed. Therefore, baby clothing must also be robust, easy to absorb sweat, and easy in maintenance. Read more

Mobile home with modern and contemporary interior designs

What do you think if we have a mobile home? Like in the cartoon film “Up” which is made by Pixar that tells about the story of parents and children who venture around the United South in a house that was flown by balloon. It may be the same as in the movie up, when we can live anywhere in accordance with our wishes. However, the difference, the mobile home offers a home that can move around with wheels. So, it is like a mansion on wheels. There are some names for mobile home such as motor homes, recreational vehicles, travel trailers, touring caravans, pop-up trailers, and truck campers.

luxury freightliner motorhome with car garage

Read more

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