Amazing Lebua at State Tower Hotel and Club Interior Design and Facilities

Here we go for the vacation! The five star hotel, Lebua at State Tower, which is very amazing provides the all amenities you need. From the front office, lobby, foyer, garage, lounge, suite, bar, club and swimming pool, all is in exclusive interior design. I will never forget all the glorious and comfort staying here.

This wonderful Lebua hotel is located at 1055 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand. You can check here for the Lebua map. This fantastic hotel serves the unforgettable 357 suites with best facilities.

Here are some picture of Lebua state tower hotel which will attract your interest.

Who is not interested in this panoramic Bangkok view? Definitely, you will love it. This is the amazing Lebua Sirocco with the sky bar. Every time, it is always really beautiful enjoying the amazing Bangkok city view and the Chao Phraya river. With the red light decoration for the sky bar, and the candle light, everything is just right. Thinking about best place for candle light dinner? Here you will be.

The special thing that you will never find in the other place is the majestic dome which is place on the top of this hotel. The dome is really big and glorious. Even from far, you can see this yellow white dome. This place is so amazing. A little paragraph can not tell all the unbelievable Lebua Hotel. There is still a lot of thing that we present on the gallery below, such as: the Lebua Tower club, Sirocco skybar, open-air swimming pool, living area, Angarika foyer, breeze skybridge, Mezzaluna dining room, Club lounge, bathroom, and bedroom suite with balcony.

The most important thing besides all this special facilities, this hotel often offers best price. Come on book at Lebua at State Tower now!

Cool Conference Rooms with the Amazing Table Chair Desigs and Wall Decor

Working as a designer or an architect? Maybe this picture of cool conference room with fresh green wall decoration will inspire you. Here I wanna show you some picture of amazing conference room with modern, elegant, cool and even ancient one. Well here are some brand new idea for designing a conference room.

Designing fresh environment while having a meeting is really good for your meeting result. The fresh environment can be gain by designing conference room with fresh color, bringing the plants and flowers indoor, making a good lighting, using a clean modern furniture and decorating fresh wall design. As you can see on the picture above, the conference room has it all. The green wall decoration with hanging plan work whiteboard completed with the lighting, the glass conference table and the comfortable work chair are really awesome.

There are some interesting conference tables present n our gallery collection. Who wanna know more how adorable the ancient conference room for royal palace? Check in the galley below.

Beautiful Sunbathing Area Decoration in the Backyard with the Best Furniture

Spend our leisure time by having sunbathing is really interesting. Imagine if we have our own sunbathing area in our backyard with swimming pool and green garden at home. Where there are some beautiful flower and plants spoil our eyes. It is wonderful if we decorate the sunbathing area with placing comfortable sunbathing chairs completed with the umbrella.

Here I have my favorite sunbathing places in the backyard. The back yard with full of beautiful green view. The sunbathing chair is made of wood and layered by the white soft cover. It is completed with the white umbrella beneath the chair. The relaxing chairs are facing the swimming pool and the mountain view so that we can easily enjoy the view while having sunbathing. This sunbathing area reflects the modern design and decoration. The gazebo, the lighting, and material used and all are impressed me.

Not only in the backyard we can have sunbathing, but the other amazing idea for sunbathing area is in the yacht. Enjoying the sunlight and the beautiful sea scenery while having sunbathing, it must be really fun. Look at the white sunbathing chair for the yacht! It is designed with the modern touch, seems like combining two sunbathing into one. I love it. I can also see the brown hanging relaxing chair made of wood. I can imagine how relaxing laying on the chair.

There are some adorable idea for sunbathing area that we serve for you in the gallery of “Beautiful Sunbathing Area Decoration in the Backyard with the Best Furniture” below. Don’t miss it!

Designing A Restaurant with Best Interior Design Concept

Designing a fast food or bar restaurant should be interesting. apart from best quality foods, sometimes customers come back because of the beautiful interior design. When you wanna start your restaurant business, some pictures that I wanna show you is really inspiring.

In the picture of fast food restaurant interior design which is using red chair and wooden floor, there is something interesting here. That is the amazing lighting idea for the wall and the ceiling. It is using a hidden light that is pouring out to the unique line pattern attached with the order structure. In my opinion, that is adorable lighting idea ever!

The best recall part is the view offered by the restaurant. It can be gained, if you choose and build a good place, for example, mountain view, sea view, lake view, or rooftop view. And there are many amazing place in the world that you can choose to build your profitable restaurant. Like you can see in the picture of outdoor restaurant with sea view. There you can find green hills near the sea and the boat that became the interesting power without spending any money. Besides, you still need to have a good quality of furniture used.

And there are some inspiring restaurant interior design on the gallery below. Check this out! You will love it.

Modern Indoor Relaxing Chair Models with The Lighting Inspiration

When I get frustrated and feel crowded, I gotta go to my relaxing place. I love enjoying the sunlight there. It’s calm and so relax. I love laying my body on my comfortable relaxing chair. Sometimes I wanna go to my outdoor relaxing space, but now, I just wanna go to my indoor relaxing place now.

I have this relaxing chair model with the best decoration. The white theme makes me feel calm and free. I love the rocking chair which adding relaxation. And the white sponge rack makes me able to put anything there. It’s so useful as the rack itself and for the decoration. Can you see the beautiful lighting I choose for this part? The three hanging lamps which is so inspiring.

For those who love red color, I have modern minimalist relaxing model here. The artistic sculpture on the rack beautify this room. You can also put your book collection there. The best place to put the relaxing chair is facing the glass window. It can make your feel more relax by enjoying the natural light. It is good also for your health though.

And here are some picture of modern indoor relaxing chair model which might be inspired you too. Check this out!

Modern Dining Room Design with Mango Wood Dining Chairs and Glass Top Designs

At the first I saw the picture of this modern black and white dining designs, directly I’m falling in love with this romantic dining decoration. All of us will feel the contemporary touch like having dinner in a glorious royal. The cutlery is placed perfectly on the shiny black round table. The contrast color makes this dining so alive and beautiful. The white dining chairs come with the nailhead trim on the edge of each curvatures. The blue flowery vase placed on the center looks so awesome and matches with the gray leaf pattern chair cover. The combination of the gold colors for the dining curtain and the diamond pendant lamp, all of it brings glamor and passionate at one.

Well, round glass top dining tables brings a harmonious impression for every dining concept. Not only beautiful as a decoration but also useful and easy clean. Now I will show you the romantic dining inspirations with modern furniture. Comes with blue cute chair wood base, this dining sets looks so tender. This time, the dining room table centerpieces idea lies in a green plant on the center of the modern glass table and yellowish hanging lamp above it. Although it uses a round table, but this design is completed with square carpet with blue and dark chocolate motif. Feel the touch of extravagance and charming nuance!

There are still many idea of dining designs on the gallery below such as: elegant mango dining room table with unique storey trapezoid lamp, white soft chair for formal dining room decorating ideas, round white dining table and shiny red chairs with modern style, etc. Don’t miss it!

Good 3D Building Scheme and Floor Plans Ideas for House and Office Design

House design planning both interior and exterior are interesting and fun. Yup, cause we can imagine how the real building will be. Contacting your specialist architect will be really helpful. Or you can use 3d building plan software to design your own home design. And for those who looking for some interesting blueprint ideas, we are here to serve you the picture for brilliant inspiration.

The best 3D building scheme of a house that I will show you first is the one which has two storey model completed with the interior design. This new home design has a garage beside the garden and a living room cum family room with a cute hanging unique chair for relaxing and cute green sofa with hanging lamp. In the second floor, this beautiful house design has a large master bedroom and uses wooden floor model. And for the stair, this house model is using the staircase with stringers attach to the wall. It’s fabulous design.

Then, another floor plan comes with a complete room that we need in a house. I call it unique building scheme because each room has a balcony. There are 6 balonies in this one storey house design. This unique house divides the room into some area such as: master bedroom with private bathroom, kids bedroom with loft bed, kitchen with cabinet, large workspace with single office table model, dining room cum living room with minimalist white sofa and minimalist wooden dining table. This house is using a wooden floor pattern.

We also come with a blueprint of large office design complete with each room. Check on the gallery of “Good 3D Building Scheme and Floor Plans Ideas for House and Office Design” below.

Good Plan for A Prosperity in A Peaceful Dream Home

Doing the future mapping while sitting in my backyard in the morning, enjoying the fresh nuance while imagining how peaceful and happy when I had my own house. Starting from the home design I want, the location I wish, the facilities I need, and all are clearly mapped in my mind.

White house with a timeless design, the building with a classic but still modern, the construction which meets all my needs are all that I want for my dream home. The facade with a quarter circle as the center point surrounded by green grass courtyard and large glazed window rooms. Green and white furniture will match for each room. It will be my white and green house. I really love green and white.

The second floor will be designed in semi open room and still with large glazed window. There will be a large balcony to breathe the fresh air while have my regularly exercise. The important part that I want to design in the second floor is a comfortable workspace. A beautiful backyard completed with outdoor swimming pool, kitchen, dining and living space. That’s amazing.

Then I begin thinking about how to make it true. I think about a home insurance.A prosperity starts from a good plan. I have already made a good choice to realize my peaceful dream house for my future. Hopefully it will be reachable soon.

Modern Bathroom Ideas Photo Gallery with Luxury and Beautiful Style

We have some pictures of amazing modern bathroom design which have inspire us in designing our bathroom concept. Here we go with some creative interior design by some bathroom designer. Check this out, guys.

I like lying on a white bathtub which can make me lying on a spa bathtub with full of relaxation. The beautiful bathroom I love is a bathroom design with Japanese style. The floor and the wall are covered with brown tile. The unique interior design of this bathroom is made from the circle floor shape, circle wall mirror, and also circle transparent roof shape. It is a great idea for designing bathroom with Japanese concept.

The one which is so beautiful is the one that has a warm spa bathtub with square shape. Using the plant and flower decoration in the corner or above the vanity is a innovative idea for adding the Eco-friendly touch in your bathroom.

I can’t leave the best modern bathroom with wooden furniture that we can look in a picture with modern brown vanity in cone shape. It is beautiful idea for those who want to freshen your bathroom. With little brown tiles for wall and floor, and also the wooden shelves to store the towel, so far, it’s amazing interior bathroom design idea.

We still have some collection of interior bathroom design with modern and beautiful theme on the gallery below.

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