Nice Curtain Style Ideas for Contemporary and Modern Living Room

Having a wide living room makes me confused how to set up my living room in order to look good and beautiful. A wide space means big furniture for me. I can use some decorations to beautify my room. I love it. Here I will share some luxury living room design ideas that can inspire you to decorate your living space.

The wide living room design with blue gold sofa and brown wooden table creates a luxurious nuance inside. This deluxe indoor living room is decorated with glass ornamentation, decorative plants, and pottery barn which add the fresh atmosphere. The curtain for this living room is really nice with double layers curtain in transparent and gold color. The hanging lamp with candle light looks so harmonious with this modern concept. It is adorable living room decorating idea.

In the other modern living room picture, there is a beautiful curtain colors combination. This living room has brown dominant color so that the suitable color combination will be gold, white, and cream. Look at the three colors window curtain! They look splendid in the way they are united with wrap them around. The round carpet in brown, cream, crimson red, and green colors sprawls out in the wooden floor. The idea to put the aqua scape in the corner of the room is brilliant.

Get more inspirations on how to set up living room with a huge decoration on the gallery below. We specify the design on the curtain model for luxury living room. Check this out, fellas!

Cool Livingroom Interior Design for Wide Space

Cool! That’s what I need to say about the living room design. This bright and colorful nuance can brighten your day home. This design will make your living room look warm and vibrant. You can also bring the atmosphere of an upscale apartment to your living room. You will easily get the ideas here to redecorate your living room to the cool one. Check the picture collection of cool living room design which we have collected here.

The guest room which has a wide screen TV and flower wall sticker has a minimalist concept. The table bring out the minimalist living room model. The bottom of the table is made of wood in the box form with real wood texture. While the top of the table is made of glass in the ivory color. A white sofa complements this living room. The sofa can accommodate almost six people. It uses a good quality material and soft sponge. You will feel comfortable when you sit on it. The color used in the living room is white ivory which tends to neutral. To complete the beauty, some red pillows and green artificial foliage are added as living room decoration.

On the other picture, there are a brown living room which has many brown furniture inside. To make it more alive, colorful painting may be attached on the wall. Modern brown furniture is used like brown sofa, table, mini fireplace, and bear skin carpet.

Panoramic mountains or beach view are a very wonderful scenery that can be enjoyed from your living room. By decorating your living room with glass window, you can enjoy the wonderful nature from inside. Glass windows will make this room brighter. It is very cool living room design for mountain or sea villa resort design. I love to be there.

There are more ideas in the gallery of cool living room designs below. Check this out, fellas.