How to Set Up and Arrange A Living Room

Rearranging my living room is really fun things. by designing the different one will bring the new nuance and good spirit. When you are bored with your living room arrangement, you can try these rearrange living room design ideas.

The picture with purple green living room colors is my favorite one. The purple looks matching with the elegant green Tosca wall carpet. The living room looks neat with the arrangement. It uses U shape to set up the living room couches. The table is placed in the center of the couch. Under the table, there are a traditional carpet. The carpet motif choosing blends with the luxury candle hanging lamp. The piano placement is located on the left corner of the room in order that the guest of family member can look the piano performance. The stringer length of the stair is beautiful in the metal flowery motif. The purple and green curtain are designed in contemporary model.

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The other good inspiration on how to set up living room is pictured in the semi outdoor living room design which the wall is made of glass. The door can be opened and makes the room is designed in outdoor concept. that’s is why, I called it the semi outdoor indoor living room. The arrangement of the room is perfect and can provide most of the needs. It has large transparent wall window. that it means that it has free air circulation. The fire place is placed near the white shelve and decorative pottery barn. The chairs are made of rattan. The cushion is made of the soft and tender material. This living room model is suitable for those who love tropical nuance.

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I love this design of living set up for socializing.