Kitchen Design for Small Home with Modern and Minimalist Style

I am a coward. I am often afraid of loneliness. But I love cooking. Whereas my kitchen is apart from the other room. With this condition, my cooking hobby becomes disturbed. Then, my husband had the idea to renovate our kitchen. Fortunately, my kitchen is adjacent to my living room. It becomes easier to remodel the kitchen. We decided to dismantle the wall between the kitchen and living room. We made some changes in the kitchen arrangement, replacing the wall divider with the beautiful white minimalist cabinet. Exactly in the right of the kitchen, there is a dining table for two people which decorated with beautiful hanging lamp made of shells. In order to look harmonious with the living room design, I used textured wall decals in white and black.

Another interesting ideas for small kitchens layout which caught my attention is a minimalist small kitchen design which is adjacent to a painting room. One thing you should know, my husband is an artist. In my opinion, this small kitchen remodel idea will provide a comfortable atmosphere for me while cooking. This modern kitchen design has a good kitchen shelves organizer. A wooden microwave shelf is adorned with gray glass surface. The beautiful glass cooker hood adds the minimalist impression in this small house kitchen. There are a simple table for two people made of wood. The most interesting thing from this small space kitchen is the simple wooden shelf which joins together with microwave shelf that can be used to store cookware or antiquities collection.

This kitchen design for small home with modern and minimalist style can be a solution for those of you who have a small house. Try this kitchen layout ideas and feel the wider nuance. We have wonderful kitchen photos for a small house in the gallery below. See and get your kitchen remodel idea.

Modern and contemporary outdoor kitchen design ideas

In modern era, the outdoor kitchen has already used by many people, especially in apartment. Outdoor kitchen is a way to make room look more spacious. Like in the apartment with limited area, kitchen is made outside in order to become more widespread.

Some considerations in making outdoor kitchen and the advantages

 It is certainly wonderful when we can enjoy modern and contemporary touch in our kitchen. Especially if it is adding with a beautiful and fresh outdoor atmosphere. Some modern tool sophistications that facilitate the way we cook have been available with various types and options as our needs. The use of modern cooking tools can contribute to give a modern touch to our outdoor kitchen.

Some advantages of an outdoor kitchen is to avoid gas pollution such as foods smoke, which is scattered throughout the house and to avoid oil splash which damages home interiors.

We can cook and enjoy food in the outside area with our family or close relatives. Instant outdoor kitchen area can be designed with a natural approach. for example, by adding natural elements such as natural stone installation in the kitchen setup.

 Make sure the cookware is resistant to weather, such as those made ​​of stainless steel or aluminum. Using this tool also allows us to clean it easily. Cooking equipment which is required are stove, cabinet, barbecue grill, sink and other cooking equipment.

Kitchen configuration can be adopted to kitchen area and the circulation to the house. Kitchen space can be connected to another room, or given a glass barrier, or it could be with a table bar concept.